The Tennis Ball Trick That Can Relieve Back, Neck Or Knee Pain In Seconds

In case you`ve been wondering why is particularly a tennis ball being used to relieve muscle pain,  the answer is that that its secret lies in its elasticity, which allows the muscles to stretch out.  This article covers some of the muscular trigger points in the body and explains how a tennis ball provides muscle pain relief.

1. Strained Neck

A long day at the office affects the entire body , especially the suboccipital and erector muscles as they tend to tighten up if not moved a lot during the day.  The exercise below soothes your neck by stretching out these muscles.

  • Lie on the floor with the face turned upward, keeping two tennis balls under the base of the skull
  • Nod the head up and down, letting the balls settle into the back of the neck
  • Change direction after 60 seconds by turning the head from side to side
  • Turn the head to one side, then nod while in the same position
  • Repeat on the opposite side and nod in the opposite direction
2. Uncomfortable Shoulders

The exercise below targets the rotator cuff muscles, which belong to the group of tendons that stabilize the shoulder.  Engaging in repetitive motion or having poor posture are the major contributors to uncomfortable and tender shoulders.

  • Put a tennis ball behind the shoulder blade, lying face up on the ground
  • Roll over the ball with the shoulder to relieve tenderness. Experiment with the rolling as there isn’t any specific movement to this exercise
3. Tight Chest

Day-to-day activities like sitting down for an extended period of time, cooking, or holding the phone, are the major causes of compressed chest.  To decompress your chest and alleviate the symptoms of tight chest, do the following:

  • Put a tennis ball below the clavicle standing next to a door or wall corner. Breathe deeply into the pressure of the ball for about 60 seconds
  • Shift up and down, and side to side so that the ball moves along the upper chest
  • Move the arm and neck to engage other muscular mobility and continue on both sides for another 60 seconds
4. Sore Back

Many different things affect the back and may cause pain in this body part, including the position you sleep in, the shoes you wear, or the way you sit.  Tennis ball helps relieve back pain, regardless of the cause.

  • Lie on the back, keeping two balls between the ribs and the tailbone
  • Shift the pelvis from side to side so that the balls cross over the legs
  • Lower the pressure near the spine and slow down the movement in stiffer areas of the back
  • Do this exercise for 5 minutes
5. Aching Hands

Writing for an extended period of time causes tension in the flexor muscles of the fingers and palms, leading to aching hands.

  • Put the hand on the top of the tennis ball and the other hand over them for additional pressure
  • Press the ball while leaning the body weight into the ball itself
  • After 60 seconds, move the ball in both vertical and horizontal direction, allowing it to stretch out all directions of the palm. Do this for three minutes and then move on to the other hand
6. Bad Posture

The modern world we live in has caused as to lose tract of the way we sleep, sit, and stand.  This negatively affects the muscles and spin and it also causes short-term pain and difficulty breathing.

  • Lie face up on the floor and put two balls on the sides of the upper back. Put the hands behind the head and lift the head off the ground,  as if doing a sit up
  • Bring the chin to the chest and then lift the hips
  • Breathe deeply while rolling the balls up and down the upper back for 4 minutes
7. Aching Hips

The pain in the large and small muscles on the side of the pelvis is mainly caused by overusing the hips during a workout, wearing improper shoes, and sitting for an extended period of time. To release the tension in the gluteus maximus, medius, and piriformis:

  • Lie on the side, leaning into the ball placed between the floor and the hip
  • Make circles twelve times
  • Repeat on the opposite side
8. Tender Thighs

Tennis balls target outer quadriceps known as a vastus lateralis and IT Band, which may be straining when running or riding a bike.

  • Sit on a chair and put two balls on the outer side of the thigh
  • Bend and straighten the knee 30 times
  • Move the thigh in horizontal motion, so that the ball crosses over the side of the thigh
  • Do the same on the other side
9. Cramped Knees

The problem with cramped knees can be solved by stretching the joint capsule of the knee and the exercise below is ideal for this!

  • – Sit in a chair and place the ball behind the bent knee
  • Contract the muscles against the ball 10 times and then relax 10 times
  • Do the same on both sides 10 times
10. Plantar Fasciitis

Wearing unsupportive shoes and standing for an extended period of time causes pain the heels, out of which plantar fasciitis is the most common.

  • Stand on the ball keeping the tennis ball under the heel
  • Roll the ball up and down in order to e
  • Repeat for 60 seconds on each foot


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