Do You Suffer From Poor Circulation? Here It Is How To Solve The Problem In Only 30 Minutes!

Poor circulation is quite common issue these days, and both men and women can be affected by it at a certain period of their lifetime.

Blood circulation-related issues can be caused by many wide-ranging factors, out of which sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition are the most common. “There are a lot of risk factors,” Veith, professor of surgery at New York University Langone Medical Center in New York City, said. “Smoking is a big one, and that you can do something about. Diabetes is another one, which you may or may not be able to do something about. And genetics is a big one – but you can’t pick your parents.”

Given the fact that healthy diet and physical activity are the key elements to a healthy regimen and prevention of various diseases, adopting healthy habits of eating well and exercising on a regular basis is of utmost importance.

Not only unhealthy diet and physical inactivity negatively affect the blood circulation, but other body systems may suffer as well. Fats and detrimental substances smother the blood vessels, which in turn causes health issues and affects the function of the entire organism.

In case the blockage in the system remains untreated for an extended period of time, the condition may worsen and lead to much more serious issues. The most common symptoms of poor circulation include intermittent claudication and gangrenous limb.

Those who are suffering from poor blood circulation or know someone who is struggling with the same issue will be happy to learn that there is a natural way to address this issue by doing certain exercises, as treatments like statin drugs and dietary changes not always provide the wanted results.

1. Stretching

Before you begin with any workout, you should stretch every muscle of the body! By doing so, you are warming up the muscles and preparing them for an intense workout.  Moreover, stretching promotes proper blood flow and it helps to prevent injuries.

2. Hands and Fingers

This exercise involves stretching of your hands and fingers. End the exercise by forming a twist. For optimal results and prevention of cramps, do 10 repetitions.

3. Neck Exercises

To do neck exercises properly, you should follow the instructions below:

  • Move the head slowly
  • Turn the head to the right shoulder and hold this position for a couple of seconds
  • Return to the original position
  • Repeat the procedure by turning to the left shoulder
  • Move the head up and down

Repeat the exercise ten times.

4. Push-ups

Doing 10 push-ups early in the morning will help you stimulate blood flow in the arms.

5. Dancing

Dancing is extremely beneficial as it keeps the body active and relieves stress.  You don’t need any specific type of dance as any type which requires various movements will do the trick.

6. Hiking

Even the mildest hike will stimulate your blood circulation and improve the overall blood flow, particularly in the legs.  It is recommended to take at least three hikes on a weekly basis.

Conducting the exercises outlined below will take you only 30 minutes a day.


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