Get Rid Of Foot Pain Within Minutes With These Easy Feet/Toes Stretches

Are you familiar with the “Skeleton Dance Song”? As silly as is sounds, this song teaches us an important thing: all our bones are connected to one another.

The body is a complex structure and when one thing hurts, other quickly follow. For instance, have you ever noticed that the pain which starts in the foot actually affects the whole leg? This is so because everything is connected, especially in the feet.

There are more than 25 causes of foot pain, including corns, ingrown toenails, athlete`s foot, arthritis, heel spurs, overlapping toes, and bunions.

Many things are linked to the feet and they are the source of your health, according to Chinese reflexology.  There are many different detox footbaths and it is believed that the feet are the best place to remove toxins from the body.

Foot Pain Solutions

Foot stretches are the simplest solution to ease foot pain as they are very easy-to- do and will take you only 5 minutes off your time.

1. The Toe Raise

First, lift your toes. Even though this is seems easy, some people find it difficult. Then, stand with your feet while keeping all of your toes upward. The pinky toe should be at the same height as the big toe. Do 5 repetitions with each foot.

2. Toe Lifts

While you are still in the previous position (Toe Raise), lower the big toe, keeping the others up. Although this can be difficult at first, “smart” feet are more balanced and much stronger.  In case you cannot lower the big toe, press the pinky toe down instead. Do 5 repetitions with each foot.

3. Rock Out

Rock your weight to the outside of your foot, lifting the weight off the inside of the foot. Then, rock inward until the weight rests on the inside of the foot.  Do the stretch with both feet simultaneously and do each side 10 times.

4. Ankle Stretch

Take a stretchy exercise ball and put it around a table or chair leg. Then, hook the foot through it, allowing the ball of your foot to rest against the band.  Press the toes toward the ground to feel the stretch. Do 15 repetitions.

5. Tennis Ball Rub

Get a tennis ball, step on it and roll it under the feet, applying pressure. Do the same to both feet. When done, tilt the foot, allowing the toes to point toward the knee. Stretch out the toes so that they point down.

6. Toes and Fingers

Point the toes up at the ceiling while keeping your legs in front of you. Lean forward and tie up the fingers with your toes, then pull gently back.  This stretch is quite challenging, so feel free to do one foot at a time in case you can`t do both feet.

Other Foot Tips

1. Choose Proper Footwear

It is important to wear comfortable shoes in order to avoid constriction of your toes. Ditch high heels and flip flops, and opt for shoes that breathe and have good arch support.

2. Walk Barefoot Outside

Walking barefoot provides many health benefits! The feet are designed to be flexible and this is why we have toes. In case you don’t have a yard, get shoes with individual toes.

3. Try Yoga

Grounded feet are the source for all yoga poses. It is highly recommended to try yoga as it helps you restore balance to the body, root your feet properly, and balance your mental state as well.

4. Soak in Epsom Salts

Soaking in Epsom salts works is extremely beneficial and works on several levels.  It provides detoxification of the feet and boosts magnesium levels as well.

5. See a Specialist

In case the foot pain persists, see a doctor as soon as possible.


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